Cinderella Re-Imagined


“So This is Love,” by Elizabeth Lim, starts out with a classic part of Cinderella; the ball. Cinderella attends the ball and everything goes as planned until the next day. Instead of having the glass slipper fit Cinderella perfectly, she doesn’t even make it to the part with the Duke; her stepmother traps her in the closet then sells her into slavery the next day. Cinderella somehow escapes and meets a kind worker at the palace named Louisa who helps her find a job and refuge in the palace. During her time at the palace serving the king’s shunned sister, Guinevere, she learns the truth about many people in the palace, and that the Duke is taking control of more things than he should, going to extreme measures to maintain his level of power. Cinderella must find the truth and save herself before it’s too late. 

“So This is Love” is a fast-moving, intriguing book full of hidden secrets and unknown stories. Elizabeth Lim spins the tale perfectly off of the original version, giving more details on Cinderella’s past and her family. Cinderella’s character is strong, yet gentle in heart and she doesn’t have the faith to stand up for herself, but in the end, she turns out to be the heroine of the story. Cinderella is put in situations that are very unconventional, introducing this spin-off to new and improved depths. This book also includes a political view from the secrets in the palace, creating controversy between the king and his subjects, when really the duke is behind everything. 

Even though this book is quite different from the original, it still includes main characters and similar personalities. This enhances the book because it gives the reader something to base off of and grow on. Also, when Elizabeth Lim introduces new characters, it creates support to the story, giving it a sense of the old story with the old characters, and adding to the new story with new perspectives and backgrounds. 

This book should be recommended for ages 10 and up because it includes slight romance and political controversy. “So This is Love” is a terrific spin-off, leading the reader to Cinderella’s past, present, and future and including new points of view.