The Canyon’s Edge


The Canyon’s Edge by Dusti Bowling is a novel for 10-12-year-olds. The book is about survival, adventure, and trust. 

The Canyon’s Edge is about a tween named Nora who gets trapped in a canyon with “The Beast”, while her father goes missing in the canyon. It starts with the pair going to explore a newly discovered canyon, but when Nora and her father were checking it out, a flash flood occurred. During the flash flood, Nora’s father was swept away by the current. This leaving Nora to survive with no food or water, and dealing with snake’s, scorpions, and the Beast in unknown territory.  How will she get out and will she ever find her dad? If so, will he be alive? Will she?

The book is written in first person but it did have an entire section written in poems.  In the poems, Nora has lots of flashbacks, like how her mom died while also giving clues to what the “Beast” is.  I can see why the author chose to do this, as it is Nora’s thoughts while alone in the canyon, but I am not personally wild about poetry in general. But seeing as it was tastefully done, the poetry doesn’t take away from the book still making it an interesting book.

The reason I picked this book is because the summary was like no other book I have read before. I also like how they were doing rock climbing, just like people do in Colorado, which made the book seem more realistic. The book was easy to follow, but sometimes the poems made it slightly harder. Overall, the Canyons Edge is a fast interesting read that I would recommend especially to fellow adrenaline seekers.