“Folktales for Fearless Girls”


  “Folk tales for fearless girls,” by Myriam Sayalerom is about heroes save people, except all the people who are heroes are what people sometimes call heroines: Girls!

I suppose that is why it is called “Folk tales for fearless girls”. This book is full of extraordinary illustrations. The illustrator of this book – Dani Torrent- has amazing illustrations. They are full of detail and make sure everything mentioned in the text is there in the drawing. I also enjoy how the stories / tales are from different countries like Spain, India, Russia, England, China, Egypt, Southern Africa, Scotland, France, Germany, and Armenia. I believe that the girls who read this book would find astounding interest in this book. For girls who want to follow their dream and become heroines to the people around them, I really recommend them to read this book.  The girls who read this book could become girls who change the world, because when they read this book their imagination could spark, and when imaginations spark, oh boy, that could lead all sorts of excitement. Who knows, maybe one of those imaginations will lead to a great world leader. I recommend this book for many reasons and another reason I recommend this book is because this story is also more about princesses saving kings, queens, sisters, and bravery of all the girls sometimes risking things in life that are very important to them in life, like jewels, gold, crowns, and sometimes even family. When you read this book it will take you on an adventure you never dreamed of before. I really adored this book. If Myriam Sayalero wrote more books in the series, I would read them. I absolutely love all that Sayalero has to offer in this book, she really puts in her best effort. I like how much detail Sayalero added into this book, the words that she uses to describe things are really crisp like a piece of bacon just off the pan. I have really enjoyed this book and I hope you enjoy it too!