“We Are Power” Tells A Powerful Message


There are a large number of ways people get what they want. Some people use violence, and some people prefer non-violent approaches, either doing it for a good or bad cause. If a group of people use non-violence for a bad reason, their actions will not be beneficial for everyone. For example, the Ku Klux Klan might have a non-violent march, but their protests may not be deemed as ethical. However, if a group of people choose non-violent ways to speak up for a good reason, their actions will make lasting differences.

“We are Power” by Todd Hasak-Lowy shows you many examples of non-violent protests in history that made a positive change to the world. This author wrote about famous people including Vaclav Havel, Alice Paul, Martin Luther King Jr, and many more unforgettable voices in history. These revolts stood the test of time to show they did something for a positive cause. What they did gave people more rights and equality. For example, Alice Paul led the Women’s Suffrage,and women gained the right to vote, even today. But, their road to achieve their goals were far from smooth. Even though large numbers of citizens supported peaceful complaints, they were faced with violence everywhere they went. “Awful scene… a wonder no one was killed.” Alice Paul once said. When the book mentioned that police were killing innocent people, it made me think about the world we live in. 

In my opinion, this book was thought provoking, especially during quarantine, when lots of people are speaking up about their opinions. It convinced me to stop using violence and use a more peaceful approach, and provided strong explanations to why this is a good idea. For instance, I expected the book to give me one definition of non-violence, but it gave me multiple, including the ability to resist when you refuse to submit and fighting when your opponent hates you. Also, when the book introduced me to famous people I already knew about, I thought that the story would sound very familiar. However, We are Power went more in-depth into the character, and showed me things I had never known about his/her life. For example, I never knew that Gandhi was a lawyer.

To conclude, We are Power is a well-written, very detailed book. I would recommend this to kids who aren’t familiar with positive historical protests or who want to make the world a better place, especially during the lockdown and this crisis.