Call Me Floy


“Call Me Floy” was an adventurous novel by Joanna Cooke. Florence Hutchings, an almost 12 year old, has the biggest dream of climbing Yosemite’s Half Dome. She was born in Yosemite Valley and feels that Yosemite is more home than San Fransisco. She and her father made a deal that if she would attend school and not skip, then they would go back to Yosemite Valley.  Floy would always be told by her father and grandmother that she is just a girl. This made Floy even more determined to climb Half Dome and prove her father and grandmother wrong. She is not just a girl, she is more than that.

This book really tells the story of the Floy’s dreams. I wish Cooke slowed down a little at the end. She rushed and could of put a little more detail into the end of the book. Overall, amazing book to read if you are looking for an adventure novel. When reading this book, I did imagine what the valley would look like back in 1876 when there was nothing there  and in 2017 when I was looking at shops and roads. The people, the clothes, and even the valley would have been different. This book really gave me a vision of what Yosemite would  and what following your dreams would have looked like in 1876.

It really was a pleasure reading this novel and knowing that following your dreams can lead to the greatest achievements. Climbing a huge rock like Half Dome can be hard when you don’t have the right materials and you have never done something like climbing a big rock.

While reading call me Floy, I noticed some huge differences in schooling and equal rights. At Floy’s school, their teacher was only 13 or 14 years old! That was very surprising to me but I guess that was the 1800’s. And women are treated as if cleaning and cooking were the only things they do. But Floy proved all of them wrong by climbing Half Dome and showing them that “Sometimes dreams follow the steepest paths”. This book actually helped me realize that if you try you can do anything. I really recommend reading this book if you want adventure and following your dreams all in one book.