Chokshi’s novel is a fresh spin on mythology


Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi is a mythical book about Hindu gods and goddesses. It is published by Rick Riordan’s Disney/Hyperion imprint, a kind of company that focuses on producing books with a similar premise. In this case, it’s a mythical premise.

The Pandava brothers are a mythical Hindi family. They reincarnate every once in a thousand years and become humans. The humans who have the souls of the brothers have unique powers. This generation, Aru Shah, Mini, Brynne, Aiden, Sheela, and Nikita. They are faced with a prophecy that sets them out on a path to find their true selves.

Roshani Chokshi told the story of the girls with humor and grace. Her talent shone through the spunky, brave, and intelligent characters. Kudos to her for telling a story with absolute clarity.

The only apparent flaw in this book was that I felt it was a little familiar. The imprint was looking for authors with the same style of writing that could tell the story of ancient mythology with humor and ease. Nevertheless, the story was original and told genuinely, even though you could tell Roshani Chokshi’s influences, knowledge, and talents.

As for many other book series, it’s ideal to read the first books before proceeding to read the most recent. I read the two books before and therefore, no plot holes. Though it is strongly recommended for mythological reads, since they are so rich in detail.

Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes had themes of honesty and friendship, which makes it perfect for middle grade readers. This Aru Shah novel is additionally great for lovers of Rick Riordan books. Since it was published by Riordan’s imprint company, it features many of the same elements included in his Greek mythology tellings. There is no age minimum or maximum, if you love Rick’s books these are right in his premise. But make sure to start on book one.