Book Review: “Chirp” by Kate Messner


“Chirp” by Kate Messner is a story about a girl who tries to save her Grandmother’s Cricket farm. The summer after Seventh grade, Mia moves to Vermont. She would rather forget about Gymnastics after breaking her arm falling off the balance beam, and a secret about her coach. To add to her troubles, Mia’s Grandmother is convinced someone is trying to sabotage her Cricket farm! Who would do such a thing? Mia and her new friends from summer camp, Chloe and Anna,  decide to investigate. 

Gram tries to convince people to eat her nutritious crickets to expand the farm. Mia creates the Chirp Challenge to help her grandma, and gets several restaurants to add them to their food! This is progress, but can Mia help her Gram save the farm before it’s too late?  Mia “lost” her courage after her fall on the balance beam. Can Mia regain the courage it takes to save her grandmother’s farm and face the secret she couldn’t face before? 

“Chirp” is a book that talks about courage, starting over, and the power of friendship.   It is an interesting book, and is probably for people who are 9 and older who like mysteries.